Explore Time-Management if you have ADHD

Explore Time-Management if you have ADHD

Posted on: February 15th, 2019 by Neurohealth Associates

For most of those with ADHD, time has been the enemy. When they want to move slowly, it has chases them. When they want to ignore it, it springs up in their face like a jack-in-the-box. When they want the moments to zip along, time has dragged relentlessly. None of this is the fault of time.

Time is what it is. We can only choose to be its victim or befriend it and work with it creatively. Here are three ways to make friends with time:

  1. Introduce little extra spaces into your schedule.Build in breathing spaces, time to bring closure to one project before starting another, time to allow for the inevitable monkey wrench that tends to come flying into the midst of our careful plans. These extra spaces leave us feeling more sane, more able to complete tasks, instead of feeling harassed and having a lot of loose ends dangling – a common emotion among ADD adults.
  2. Build in some longer periods of “timeless time.”In a world full of electronics and technology, it is crucial to everyone’s health to regularly take time to shift into following the rhythms of their own body. Breathe. To make this shift, you may require some extra help, a transitional ritual. It can be as simple as a bath, dancing, breathing from your belly, or going out into a cold night and basking in a sky full of stars.
  3. Learn to do one thing at a time, with presence.This is easiest when moving slowly, carefully examining each leaf and twig of my inner and outer self. Work on bringing integrity to each moment of life, striving to be as fully present as possible, no matter what is going on around you.

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