Everybody forgets something from time to time. Perhaps you leave an umbrella inside a coffee shop, or that phone number you forgot to write down, you know the feeling.

Recent research has made an incredible discovery about forgetful people that will change the way you think about your own memory. It turns out that being forgetful might not a bad thing after all 🙂

If you are too hard on yourself regarding your forgetfulness, please stop right now. New research indicates that being forgetful doesn’t mean you’re losing your marbles, in fact, it could mean that you are exceptionally intelligent.

People with the best memories in the long term usually forget details once they are no longer needed. If you forgot the directions to that new restaurant, it’s probably because you have more important things on your mind… literally!

If you remember everything, you can have a hard time focusing and making decisions because you have so much competing data. A super intelligent person lets go of the data their brain simply doesn’t need anymore, making it easier for them to think and make decisions regarding the more important items at hand.

So, as you go about your day, give yourself some grace and begin to recognize what things are at the forefront of your mind. If you are stressed check out our posts on stress-relieving breathing or 10 things to do right now to relieve stress. Additionally, if you want to increase your ability to be sharp with respect to memory, consider 12 Brain Foods to Improve Memory.

Ultimately, give your best to the things on your mind, conquering those tasks or making deep connections with that friend you are with.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Julia W

Teachers made huge comments on his math skills and behavior. I also saw this at home with understanding of what I said to him registering more with him. I saw this in his eyes: recognition. Fewer outbursts of anger.

Anita M

I am extremely happy with my son’s outcomes and feel very fortunate to have encountered Dr. Bonesteel early in my child’s life. This method has dramatically changed his ability to focus and take initiative. I feel confident that my son’s life has been dramatically enhanced. I can’t express my appreciation fully in words.

Mary B

Dr. Bonesteel has masterfully, compassionately, and extremely kindly helped me navigate through a history of childhood and marital abuse, a child with twenty years of struggle with life-threatening physical and emotional illness, extended family discord, and disharmony with my child with severe depression. I am blessed to have found Neurohealth Associates.


Overall, excellent experience. Very happy with Dr B and staff is wonderful. We feel like we have our family life back!


I am very thankful this technology was available for my training. I was extremely satisfied with all aspects of my training protocols.




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