The Importance of Continual ADHD Treatment Monitoring

The Importance of Continual ADHD Treatment Monitoring

Posted on: October 25th, 2017 by Neurohealth Associates

Remember that article a month or so ago about building the parent-teacher relationship. Well you are going to use those skills that you have hopefully been practicing to work as a team with not only your child’s teacher, but your child’s medical professional as well.

Studies have shown that what maybe would have worked at one time may no longer be effective later in the child’s life. Medication that may have treated a certain behavior or symptom can suddenly stop working as well as it once did.

So how can you help?
Give the teacher a rundown of the core symptoms to be monitoring in the day-to-day. Every month ask the teacher to give a brief rating on each of those symptoms. Supplement their assessment with your observations from that same time period and report them back to the child’s health care provider.

Realize that there are many things out there regarding treating childhood ADHD, and have a look at reputable resources from our Research page. We have seen many lives changed for the better for families with children experiencing ADHD symptoms through the use of neurofeedback.

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Julie W.
Teachers made huge comments on his math skills and behavior. I also saw this at home with understanding of what I said to him registering more with him. I saw this in his eyes: recognition. Fewer outbursts of anger.

Anita M.
I am extremely happy with my son’s outcomes and feel very fortunate to have encountered Dr. Bonesteel early in my child’s life. This method has dramatically changed his ability to focus and take initiative. I feel confident that my son’s life has been dramatically enhanced. I can’t express my appreciation fully in words.

Mary B.
Dr. Bonesteel has masterfully, compassionately, and extremely kindly helped me navigate through a history of childhood and marital abuse, a child with twenty years of struggle with life-threatening physical and emotional illness, extended family discord, and disharmony with my child with severe depression. I am blessed to have found Neurohealth Associates.

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