Neurofeedback and biofeedback are fields that contain a lot of information related to therapies, technology, and methodology. There are a few concepts, however, that are very prevalent within the field that may confuse people looking at neurofeedback or biofeedback training programs for the first time.

This multi-part article looks at some of the most common definitions and terms people have questions about when it comes to neurofeedback & biofeedback training. Part 2 will go over common questions about Neurofeedback training sessions.

What is Neurofeedback Training Like?

Training sessions are actually quite pleasant. You recline comfortably in a chair while sensors listen to your brainwaves.

A video, some music, or a game tells you when your brain is meeting the training target and when it’s not. Using this gauge, you are learning how to move your brain in new ways – stretching your mental muscles, showing your brain the way toward more comfort, more balance, and better function.

You will be working one-on-one with a neuro therapist who will monitor and assist your progress, working with you to assure the best results.

How Effective is Neurofeedback Training?

Neurofeedback is effective in the vast majority of cases and provides measurable results.

While it’s not a panacea, almost everyone responds to training, and the results are long-lasting. Clients report significant improvement towards their goals 95% of the time; an exceptionally high rate of achievement. Like any therapy, it works best with people who are motivated and want to improve.

Is Neurofeedback Safe?

Yes, neurofeedback is completely non-intrusive and safe. In the same way that muscles strengthen after use, neurofeedback strengthens neural pathways with specifically tailored exercises. It is simply a learning technique.

In the 40-year history of neurofeedback, no one has ever been harmed.

Does Neurofeedback Training Have Side Effects?

Neurofeedback is the brain equivalent of physical exercise, and the most common side effect of physical exercise is that you get tired. As with physical training, mental fatigue is the most commonly reported side effect after a session.

While brain training is in many ways similar to physical training, the brain expresses the side effects of training differently than the body does. The fatigue feels much like the mental tiring after learning a complex mental skill, or the exhaustion felt after speaking a non-fluent language.

Neurofeedback Training at NHA

Here at Neurohealth Associates, we specialize in Neurofeedback training. Neurofeedback may be helpful for training your mind, especially if you are unsure about putting yourself or your child on medication. 

This easy, noninvasive training can painlessly improve your mental health condition and outlook on life. Schedule a consultation with NeuroHealth Associates today and find out how we can help you.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Julia W

Teachers made huge comments on his math skills and behavior. I also saw this at home with understanding of what I said to him registering more with him. I saw this in his eyes: recognition. Fewer outbursts of anger.

Anita M

I am extremely happy with my son’s outcomes and feel very fortunate to have encountered Dr. Bonesteel early in my child’s life. This method has dramatically changed his ability to focus and take initiative. I feel confident that my son’s life has been dramatically enhanced. I can’t express my appreciation fully in words.

Mary B

Dr. Bonesteel has masterfully, compassionately, and extremely kindly helped me navigate through a history of childhood and marital abuse, a child with twenty years of struggle with life-threatening physical and emotional illness, extended family discord, and disharmony with my child with severe depression. I am blessed to have found Neurohealth Associates.


Overall, excellent experience. Very happy with Dr B and staff is wonderful. We feel like we have our family life back!


I am very thankful this technology was available for my training. I was extremely satisfied with all aspects of my training protocols.




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