“Surveys have shown that between 16 and 25 percent of the workforce have regular issues of not being able to switch off and are upset or distressed by work-related thoughts,” says Mark Cropley, a professor of health psychology at the University of Surrey.

There are many work-related stresses that many people are prone to. In many of our interactions in and out of the workplace a common issue that we have heard people talking about is rumination regarding themselves or better yet, another person’s thoughts toward them. Maybe they have had an argument in their mind with this person where they always have the winning point. Maybe every time they see that person they are operating out of a place of thinking the other person believes one thing or another about them.

These types of thoughts can be common and the solution does not have to be complicated if employed often. One of those solutions is called ‘mindfulness.’ Which is best described as “a judgement-free approach to giving your attention to a specific thought.” In this case it would be giving your attention to a fear and choosing to believe that this person likes you.

There is a story about a girl named Penny, who everyday as she was leaving for school her mom would say, “have a good day and remember that people like you.” Penny went through 60+ years of her life not worrying about if someone liked her or not, she figured if they truly did not like her they would say it plainly, which is a matter of its own!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Julia W

Teachers made huge comments on his math skills and behavior. I also saw this at home with understanding of what I said to him registering more with him. I saw this in his eyes: recognition. Fewer outbursts of anger.

Anita M

I am extremely happy with my son’s outcomes and feel very fortunate to have encountered Dr. Bonesteel early in my child’s life. This method has dramatically changed his ability to focus and take initiative. I feel confident that my son’s life has been dramatically enhanced. I can’t express my appreciation fully in words.

Mary B

Dr. Bonesteel has masterfully, compassionately, and extremely kindly helped me navigate through a history of childhood and marital abuse, a child with twenty years of struggle with life-threatening physical and emotional illness, extended family discord, and disharmony with my child with severe depression. I am blessed to have found Neurohealth Associates.


Overall, excellent experience. Very happy with Dr B and staff is wonderful. We feel like we have our family life back!


I am very thankful this technology was available for my training. I was extremely satisfied with all aspects of my training protocols.




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