Man Flies Plane Using His Mind

Man Flies Plane Using His Mind

Posted on: December 26th, 2018 by Neurohealth Associates

Man Flies Plane Using His Mind

In Washington state a transportation journalist for WIRED, by the name of Jack Stewart volunteered to try out Honeywell Aerospace’s brain-computer interface that is built into a Beechcraft King Air C90 twin-turboprop airplane.

The whole experience is documented in this video.

“We know there are limitations to human performance. We hope to create more robust technologies to monitor cognitive states that might affect pilots.” – Santosh Mathan

The implications for this technology are truly unknown as typically prototypes such as these spill into other applications. Santosh and Honeywell Aerospace are thinking more toward monitoring pilots’ neural activity and performance. We could see this supplementing certain elements of air piloting in some distant future or being used in other spheres of society starting with travel.

We enjoy seeing technology such as this, as it brings notoriety to EEG neurofeedback and the neuropsychological work we believe in.

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