Have you ever heard of FOMO? That is the Fear-of-Missing-Out, and it is on the rise. Many neuroscientists and psychologists have seen the recent uptick coincide with the expansion of technology, specifically social technology. Whereas previous generations had choices such as “what job will I do?” taken out of their hands, in today’s world factors such as geographical location have less bearing on employment.

While many find this freedom to telecommute a good thing, you would be surprised that a large percent of the population finds it overwhelming.

For instance, say you were a recent graduate, or recently laid-off and there were no openings in your local area for your field of practice, you may take to the Internet to find some factoid about ‘the need being down’ or some other skill is in demand… Maybe that other skill is something you have a vague interest in. You start spending time pursuing education in that field or even an entry level role at an organization that seems promising.

All the while your heart is still truly for the field of practice you went to school for. Many people find themselves in this loop because they are anxious and afraid of missing out on ‘the best avenue’ for their life. Again, so much of this is because we now live in a world where choices abound.

Pieter Kruger, a London-based psychologist, says research indicates that people who feel they don’t have a choice are actually more resilient — mainly because they can blame life or others if they make a wrong decision. However, if you have a range of choices, you have no one to blame but yourself. “We become much more obsessive because we want to make the right decision every time,” he says.

Fear of missing out extends well beyond just vocational worries, into things like: relationships, diet, figure, beauty, wealth, etc.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Julia W

Teachers made huge comments on his math skills and behavior. I also saw this at home with understanding of what I said to him registering more with him. I saw this in his eyes: recognition. Fewer outbursts of anger.

Anita M

I am extremely happy with my son’s outcomes and feel very fortunate to have encountered Dr. Bonesteel early in my child’s life. This method has dramatically changed his ability to focus and take initiative. I feel confident that my son’s life has been dramatically enhanced. I can’t express my appreciation fully in words.

Mary B

Dr. Bonesteel has masterfully, compassionately, and extremely kindly helped me navigate through a history of childhood and marital abuse, a child with twenty years of struggle with life-threatening physical and emotional illness, extended family discord, and disharmony with my child with severe depression. I am blessed to have found Neurohealth Associates.


Overall, excellent experience. Very happy with Dr B and staff is wonderful. We feel like we have our family life back!


I am very thankful this technology was available for my training. I was extremely satisfied with all aspects of my training protocols.




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