Many achievements have been made by the scientific community in recent years in the way of neurology, be it discoveries that blow you away, or in treatments that the population at large can benefit from today.

Shelley Fan, a neurologist at University of California in San Francisco recently wrote an article entitled: Scientists Complete the Most Detailed Map of the Brain Ever, which begins with:

To me, maps always conjure up a sense of exploration.
Back in the Age of Discovery, rudimentary maps allowed European explorers to sail into the vast unknown. They began charting new worlds, and in turn, made newer maps that helped future generations better understand the lands and seas that cover our world.
Now, thanks to a new — if slightly different — type of map, we may be approaching a new age of discovery. One that takes us into the uncharted territories of the mysterious three-pound organ that underlies our thoughts, emotions, hopes and dreams: the human brain.
This week, researchers at Washington University published the most intricate map of the human cortex to date. As the outermost layer of the brain, the cortex is perhaps the most easily identifiable structure, with its surface carved by many hills and valleys into distinctive patterns.

Check out the following video which shows at a high level what the Washington University researchers have put together.

See how we use brain mapping in our treatments here.

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