Our Director:

Our director is one of only approximately 40 board certified neuropsychologists in the entire state of Illinois recognized by the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology (AACN). He is one of only a few neuropsychologists in the entire US who is board certified by both the AACN and the BCIA in the fields of neuropsychology and EEG neurofeedback. He was trained as a post-doctoral fellow at Northwestern University Medical School in the departments of behavioral neurology and neuropsychology, and is a professor of Neurology at Loyola University Medical Center. He has been featured in The Chicago Tribune, WGN News, Channel 7 ABC news and other media outlets regarding his work in neuropsychology. In addition, he teaches and supervises doctoral trainees, serves as an adjunct faculty member at Midwestern University Medical School.

Our Analysis:

Brain mapping is conducted using state of the art software packages, which allow for non-invasive 2 and 3 dimensional brain mapping. Treatment is developed based on results of all available data (cognitive results, brain mapping, clinical history and our vast clinical experience) which maximizes the effectiveness of our treatment planning.

Our Staff:

Our staff is specifically trained in the use of multiple neurofeedback systems and the application of over 150 protocols. Every treatment protocol is developed by Drs. Bonesteel, and Colon in order to ensure the highest level of quality assurance and that the best possible match is made between the patient and the type of treatment that they are receiving. Having numerous neurofeedback systems helps us individualize treatment and allows us to make changes to the patient’s care when we need to.

Integration of Services:

Our doctors are also trained therapists with the ability to integrate family therapy, individual therapy and behavioral therapies in cases when this is appropriate. We also utilize cognitive training software to enhance a person’s thinking ability, processing speed, comprehension/attention. This is often a very nice complement to the neurofeedback therapy.

Our Services

Our services include but are not limited to:

ADD/ADHD, learning disorder, Asperger-Autism, Depression, Anxiety, Mood Deregulation, Insomnia, Brain Injury, Sensory Disorder, Stress, Chronic Pain, Migraines, Memory Disorders, Concussions, Peak Performance, Personal Injury, and Workers Compensation.


We diligently perform scientific measurements of progress after each phase of treatment to objectively determine rate of progress. This has allowed us to achieve measurable improvement in a patient’s main symptoms in over 80% of the cases that we have seen.



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